Strategic Planning and Risk Management

All First Nations in Canada hold some form of treaty and aboriginal rights and title that are recognized and affirmed under the Constitution of Canada. Any actual or potential infringement of these rights due to proposed project development requires, as a key element of the regulatory approval process, that impacted First Nations be adequately consulted concerning their rights and interests. Where necessary, these rights and interests must be accommodated.

Havlik Metcs remains a leader in promoting strategies that consider First Nations as potential commercial partners, not potential legal impediments. Our strategies are deliberately structured to move away from legalistic, process-oriented frameworks toward more value-based, results-oriented strategies that can better align the interests of all parties. Our experience and success in this area has changed how industry approaches First Nations engagement with respect to major project developments in Canada.

Companies, whether they are engaged in project development, seeking to expand within or into the Canadian market, or considering strategic acquisitions, need a practical, objective and detailed understanding of the potential risks attached to current and future interactions with First Nations. More than almost any other potential risk factor, failure to efficiently and properly identify and manage these risks can lead to significant cost overruns, delays, reputational damage and reduced returns on investment.

We can help our clients identify potential risk factors related to their particular project, business expansion plan, market entry strategy or proposed acquisition. We can also assist in the development and implementation of tailored, practical and effective strategies to manage these risks. We focus on identifiable outcomes, not tasks, techniques or processes. The value of our services is reflected in the value we create for our clients.