Strategic Partnerships

Havlik Metcs has been a leader in facilitating the establishment of effective and sustainable relationships between industry and First Nations.  We believe that value can be created for all parties by moving beyond the confines and constraints of traditional impact and benefits agreements.

The key to capturing these opportunities lies in recognizing that First Nations, as potential partners in many development projects and business relationships, can bring real financial and economic value to the table.

We can identify and quantify this value and create commercial and tax-efficient deal structures that can share that value equitably.  We can also advise clients through the several stages of the partnership development process, including strategy development, partner selection, related due diligence and operating implementation.

For companies, strategic commercial partnerships with First Nations can effectively promote business growth, facilitate expansion into new markets and market segments, create significant competitive advantages and better advance specific project developments.

For First Nations, commercial partnerships with industry can be instrumental in the creation of sustainable economic development strategies that promote community development, training, employment and other key goals.  Importantly, this can be accomplished without compromising the Nation’s ability to address issues related to environmental impacts and to treaty and aboriginal rights and title.

Our experience has been that alliances between First Nations and industry most often stumble during the initial, strategy development phase.  We therefore focus primarily on ensuring that emerging relationships are structured correctly from the outset.  Our departure point is always a clear, shared vision and a solid understanding of mutual economics and interests.