Commercial Agreements

Havlik Metcs has been recognized as a pioneer in developing and executing negotiation and deal structuring strategies that maximize economic benefits to First Nations and create value for industry proponents with respect to large-scale development projects.

We have acted on behalf of many First Nations, both individually and collectively, in relation to some of the largest commercial developments in Canada.  These include various proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects, associated natural gas pipelines, other major pipeline projects and various large-scale infrastructure developments.

In particular, we acted as lead negotiator and advisor to the First Nations (PTP) Group Limited Partnership (FNLP) with a mandate to engage with industry, governments and the investment community with respect to the proposed Pacific Trail Pipeline (PTP), the pipeline component of the proposed Kitimat LNG project.  FNLP is a unique commercial partnership, by and for the benefit of First Nations.  It now includes as limited partners all 16 First Nations whose territories are impacted by PTP.

FNLP concluded a commercial agreement with the proponents of PTP and Kitimat LNG (now Chevron Canada and Woodside Petroleum) and the Government of British Columbia in February 2013.  This agreement, which has changed the way in which industry now approaches First Nations engagement with respect to major project developments in Canada, will deliver economic and other benefits to the First Nations limited partners that will likely approach $1 billion.