Communication Strategy and Planning

The power to plan and communicate effectively is vital to the success of any endeavor. All parties to a negotiation, consultation exercise or financial deal structure must be able to understand long-term implications and then leverage the benefits of an agreement. Ensuring that the often numerous participants are relaying correct and consistent messages, in a structured and regular manner, is at the heart of effective communication.

Havlik Metcs provides highly tailored communications strategies for our clients. We do not, nor do we seek to, provide a stand-alone communications or marketing service, but rather look to integrate a communications strategy into our advisory services. This unusually specialized focus, enhanced by a thorough understanding of our clients’ interests and circumstances, allows us to develop, and implement, communications initiatives that are flexible and genuinely meaningful.

We recognize that our clients must satisfy the information needs of diverse member groups. Our role is to ensure that they are thoroughly equipped to communicate with their respective memberships and other significant constituents. Depending on the length of a project, these audiences can change, often substantially, over time. We therefore work to a highly flexible communications model – one that can adapt seamlessly to new information and react quickly, yet prudently, to unforeseen situations.

Our communications model also employs a thoroughly integrated approach to client management. We maintain a strictly limited number of communications projects and, to be most effective, become an integral part of our clients’ executive team. We take considerable pride in the level of access we provide for our clients on a continuing basis and in our enduring client partnerships.

Havlik Metcs has considerable domestic and international experience working within sensitive and challenging communications situations involving profound change: these include new business start-ups, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and crisis management situations. Our principals have worked across a range of industry sectors (public as well as private, international as well as domestic) and have substantial experience in developing multi-level communications programs.

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