What We Do

Havlik Metcs undertakes diverse and extensive services for First Nations and companies engaged in Canadian commercial initiatives.

Strategic Planning and Risk Management

Strategic Planning and Risk ManagementWe can help our clients identify potential risk factors related to their particular project, business expansion plan, market entry strategy or proposed acquisition within Canada. We can also assist in the development and implementation of tailored, practical and effective strategies to manage these risks.

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Negotiation and Deal Structuring

CycleHavlik Metcs is an acknowledged expert in formulating unique and innovative structures that leverage the economic, legal and political advantages of early-stage partnerships between industry and First Nations...

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Strategic Partnerships

Strategic PartnershipsHavlik Metcs has been a leader in facilitating the establishment of effective and sustainable relationships between industry and First Nations. We believe that value can be created for all parties by moving beyond the confines and constraints of traditional impact and benefits agreements.

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Custom Sector Research and Current Event Analysis

Custom Sector Research and Current Event AnalysisThe Canadian energy and natural resource industries are increasingly beset with uncertainty related to permitting, regulatory compliance, environmental sustainability and social license issues. However, uncertainties related to First Nations’ consultation and accommodation generally loom largest as these intersect with, and overlap, many other issues within the regulatory sphere.

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Historical Research

Historical ResearchHavlik Metcs is widely recognized for its expertise in the area of historical research and the practical application of this research to the preparation of specific claims...

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Consultation Management

CommunicationEffective engagement in consultation processes that avoid litigation involves recognizing and balancing the legitimate interests of the parties involved. The goal should not, simply, be the signing of a legal agreement, but the creation of a sustainable relationship that all parties believe will add value and align interests, both short term and long term.

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Communications Strategy and Planning

Communications Strategy and PlanningThe power to plan and communicate effectively is vital to the success of any endeavour: all parties to a negotiation, consultation exercise or financial deal structure must be able to understand long-term implications and then leverage the benefits of an agreement...

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