Havlik Metcs Limited is a Canadian advisory firm specializing in issues concerning the relationship between First Nations, industry and governments in Canada.

We are a recognized leader in identifying and managing key risk factors in order to facilitate efficient project and business development in the energy, natural resource, infrastructure, transportation and related sectors. Our proven approach drives increased economic value and brings competitive advantages to our clients via the creation of sustainable and cost-effective commercial relationships between industry and First Nations.

We also specialize in commercial negotiation, related deal and settlement structuring, in-depth historical and institutional research, consultation management and communications strategy.

Our firm has been built on our reputation. With over 25 years of direct involvement in a wide variety of First Nations issues, we can call upon an extensive network of relationships within industry, governments and First Nations communities across Canada to develop and implement solutions that create value for our clients. We value our integrity. We believe in what we do. We continue to focus on being the firm of choice for clients with the most interesting and challenging issues and opportunities.